Drop-off Requirements

Safety Requirements & Rules

Are there any specific dropoff requirements?
  • Make sure to properly cover your load before transporting it to Coffin Butte Landfill. Improperly covered and secured loads will be assessed an additional $10 fee.
  • With the exception of dump trailers, the general public may dispose of waste in the general public area only.
  • Dump trailer loads may dispose of waste on the tipping face.
  • All persons outside of the vehicle unloading garbage on the tipping face must wear a safety vest and helmet.
  • No smoking is allowed on the Landfill property.
  • Any demolition materials manufactured prior to 2004  must have asbestos and lead paint survey completed, if materials contain Lead or Asbestos, Please contact Karen Walters at 541-286-0578  kwalters@republicservices.com.
  • We only accept non-hazardous municipal solid waste – no liquids, paint or chemicals.