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Our Commitment

Republic Services is committed to being a good neighbor in the communities we serve. Coffin Butte Landfill is committed to operating with environmental practices and policies that are good for our customers, local businesses and residents. Our local team of environmental managers, engineers and scientists ensures that the long-term management of the landfill materials is regenerative to the planet.


Coffin Butte Landfill is operated in a manner that protects public health and the environment. We work closely with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) to ensure that we meet or exceed all state and federal regulations. All waste is disposed of within the boundary of a constructed landfill area that has been engineered to protect the environment and meets all federal, state and local regulations. There are many environmental protection systems at Coffin Butte Landfill.

Located next door to Coffin Butte Landfill, PRC is a regional facility that processes 140,000 tons of organic material annually from Linn, Lincoln, Benton, Marion, and surrounding counties. In 2010, the PRC became the first Oregon compost facility to be approved for type 3 organics composting including, proteins, dairy and all food scraps. It remains the largest facility in Oregon and a leader in the industry, providing commercial and residential customers the opportunity to recover organic waste. The end product is a nutrient rich compost used for area agriculture, landscaping and gardening. 

Coffin Butte also partners with faculty from Western Oregon University, Oregon State University and the U.S. Forest Service in their study of Oregon white oak savannas and woodlands. These species are a cultural legacy in the Pacific Northwest and represent an important wildlife habitat. Over the last century land use change and competition from conifers has reduced oak habitat to less than 10 percent of its former range. This important research will lay the foundation for restoration of oak habitats.

We manage landfill gas through an expansive gas collection system, and we use water and soil sealants to reduce dust from earthmoving and disposal activities. In addition, to reduce emissions, our nearby hauling division operates 17 compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks that service the landfill.

Coffin Butte Landfill partners with PNGC Power to generate 5.66 megawatts of power from the landfill gas collected on site. The generated power provides enough electricity for 4,000 homes.

Through extensive use of geosynthetic covers we are able to reduce the amount of rain that impacts the Landfill. This reduces the volume of water that must be captured and treated, thereby saving energy and reducing costs. We also utilize a network of 38 groundwater wells that are routinely monitored to verify groundwater conditions.


We service 68 collection routes throughout Linn, Lincoln, Benton, Marion and surrounding counties.

Collection process

Transfer stations aggregate waste collection by multiple collection agencies in a single place. By combining waste into one transfer truck, we have fewer vehicles on the road and reduce emissions.

Transfer process

Our Pacific Region Compost site processes more than 140,000 tons of residential yard debris, residential organics and commercial food waste into compost each year. This enables many of our customers to close the loop with organics material, going from kitchen to garden, and back again.

Compost process

Waste is carefully compacted and covered daily to limit wind-blown debris and odors, and create a stable engineered hill.

Landfill process

Recycling is handled both onsite at Coffin Butte and at Republic recycling depots in Corvallis and Albany. Each year we process approximately 54,000 tons of material for recycling to keep valuable resources out of the landfill. We also participate in the Oregon e-cycles program and recycle over 350 tons of electronics annually to keep heavy metals out of the landfill.

Sustainability process