Coffin Butte Landfill

Coffin Butte Landfill has served the community in and around Benton County for over 40 years. As an early leader in landfill technology in Oregon, Coffin Butte was one of the first landfills in the Northwest to collect landfill gas for conversion to energy, generating enough capacity to power over 4,000 homes. Responsible landfill management is at the core of everything we do.

Coffin Butte Landfill at a Glance

  • 32

    Number of people we employ

  • 2.5K

    Average tons of disposal accepted per day

  • 740

    Total acres

  • 40+

    Years serving the community

  • 40

    Acres of wetlands that are home to elk, birds, deer and native plants actively managed

  • 4K

    Number of homes Landfill Gas to Energy project capable of powering

Republic Services Landfill Management

Responsible landfill management involves the proper handling of landfill gas and liquids, which are byproducts of the decomposition of waste. It also requires science, engineering and technology to manage an evolving waste stream in a manner that is protective of the air, land and water upon which our communities depend.

Landfills are an essential part of the infrastructure necessary for a community to function, and their role is increasingly vital as our population grows and the number of active, permitted landfills declines.

As an industry leader that owns and operates over 300 active and closed landfills nationwide, Republic understands that society expects landfills to be more environmentally responsible today than ever before, and we set the standard for quality landfill management. This, of course, involves the proper handling of a dynamic and evolving waste stream. It also increasingly demands greater expertise, more sophisticated capabilities and considerable resources.

At Republic, we have assembled a highly talented engineering and environmental management team comprised of more than 200 scientists, engineers and technicians. This cadre of experienced professionals uses science and data as the basis for decision making at each of our landfills.

We believe that we are guardians of our environment and have a responsibility to regenerate our planet with the materials we are entrusted to handle every day. That is why we leverage the power of science, advanced technologies and innovation to customize site management plans at each landfill we operate, including the development and operational oversight of landfill gas-to-energy projects.