Coffin Butte Landfill

Proposed Expansion:
Facts, Scope & Status

The Coffin Butte Landfill submitted an application to Benton County for a conditional use permit (CUP) in May 2021. It was a regulatory step that would have allowed the Landfill to utilize a previously zoned portion of its existing property for routine landfill operations and waste disposal. This step is necessary to ensure that Coffin Butte can continue serving the community for an additional 12 years without service disruptions.


Some members of the Corvallis community raised concerns about the initial CUP application and questioned why Coffin Butte Landfill could not begin immediately utilizing an on-site quarry, which is estimated to have 15 years of permitted disposal space. While the quarry is a vital part of Coffin Butte Landfill’s waste disposal infrastructure, it is still being mined, and will not be ready for use for years. Meanwhile, Coffin Butte Landfill has approximately four years of life left in its current disposal area. That means that without approval of the CUP, there will be no outlet for the County’s waste in the very near future, which will create numerous challenges and added costs for residents and businesses.


Site Overview



Coffin Butte Landfill is proud to have served the residents and businesses of Benton County for more than 40 years. While approval of the CUP is critical to ensuring uninterrupted, environmentally responsible and safe disposal of the County’s waste, Coffin Butte Landfill made the decision to withdraw its application in March 2022. We have always prided ourselves on being a good neighbor and a good corporate citizen, and that means listening to those we serve. Over the next several months we plan to engage the community, listen and better understand your perspectives on critical issues like recycling, diversion and disposal.


On this website, you can find the most up-to-date facts about Coffin Butte’s operations, explore the details of our initial CUP application and engage with us directly, utilizing our email and comment forms.



We look forward to engaging with you as we work toward a more sustainable future.

Coffin Butte Landfill Supports…

Coffin Butte Landfill has been supporting local causes and civic organizations in the Corvallis area for many years. They include:

  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Albany YMCA
  • Area United Ways
  • Area Chambers of Commerce
  • Sage Garden (annual 100 cubic yard donation of compost)
  • Oregon Garden
    • Official compost of Oregon Garden
    • Earth Day sponsor

Coffin Butte Landfill also hosts dozens of tours throughout the year so that elementary, middle school, high school, and college students can learn how our operations contribute to the community’s environmental stewardship.